Pervasive Computing with ISAM: joining Context-Aware, Mobile and Grid Computing

(WCGA 2004)

Cláudio Geyer , Luciano da Silva , Adenauer Yamin , Rodrigo Real , Iara Augustin , Alberto E. Schaeffer Filho , Gustavo Frainer
Researches in Grid Computing are motivated by the need of coordinated access to shared resources in dynamic, geographically disperse, often multi-institutional, distributed environments. Moreover, the next years will be characterized by high levels of heterogeneity and interactions among devices connected to global networks. Such very dynamic scenarios require that applications become context-aware and are able to adapt to changes in its execution environment in order to preserve the quality of service provided. In this paper we present some key aspects of the ISAM Software Infrastructure (Support Infrastructure to Mobile Applications) and its underlaying middleware, which is directed to support resource management in heterogeneous networks, physical and logical mobilities, dynamic adaptation and the execution of distributed applications based on components in this Pervasive Computing scenarios.


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