Seventh IEEE International Symposium on Cluster
Computing and the Grid — CCGrid 2007
         Rio de Janeiro - Brazil / May 14-17, 2007         
CCGrid 2007 - Tutorials

Tutorial Policies and Procedures for CCGrid 2007

Template for Tutorial Proposals

Important Dates


All CCGrid2007 tutorials are all half-day.  Each tutorial presenter will be provided with free registration to the conference, and also provided an honorarium. The exact value of this will be quantified at a later time (and is dependent on the number of people attending the tutorial and the conference in general). In the case of multiple instructors the honorarium can be divided among the instructors in whatever proportion is desired by the instructors.  Regardless of the number of instructors, only one complimentary registration pass will be provided.  See below for honorarium incentives based on registration and deadlines.


If you have taught before, you know that quality handouts set the tone for the entire tutorial.  In order to provide handouts for your attendees, we must receive a master copy of the material with enough time to print and duplicate them for the attendees.  CCGrid does not have staff to reformat or adjust the presentations you submit, so you must ensure that they print appropriately without modification by CCGrid staff.  Similarly, your handouts should be contained in a single file that will print in the correct order – CCGrid also does not have staff to collate or organize handouts that are submitted with multiple parts.

Handouts must be submitted in PDF format. A master copy of your tutorial handouts must be received no later than Sunday, 8 April 2007. The file (or a URL pointing to the file) should be sent via email to the Tutorials Chairs (see contact information below). If your master copy is not received at this time, you will be required to provide your own handouts at your own expense.

WARNING! You are responsible for holding onto your handout packets and handing them out after you begin the tutorial. Do NOT leave the handout materials near the door or otherwise available for “self service.” It is, unfortunately, common practice for individuals to walk through the tutorials venue and pick up handouts for tutorials that they are not attending. If you place your handouts near the door they will disappear before your (paying) attendees have a chance to get them. A sufficient number of handout packets will be given to you along with several spares, however it will not be possible to make more copies if you run out as the result of spontaneous disappearance.

Attendance Factors and Cancellation

CCGrid tutorials are offered as a value to the community, in such a way that fees are kept low.  The purpose of the fees is to cover (a) facilities, (b) refreshments, and (c) instructor expenses.  CCGrid reserves the option to cancel a tutorial if there is insufficient attendance as projected on 15 April 2007.  Instructors will be notified at that time if it appears that the tutorial will not be offered as a result of low projected attendance.  If a tutorial is cancelled, there will be no honorarium or registration support provided to the instructor.

Payment Procedures

The honorarium will be paid by check to the designated person or organization, at the address provided by the instructor.

Instructors should provide payment information via email to the Tutorials Chair as follows:

  1. Name of Individual or Organization to which the check should be written
  2. Full post address to which the check should be sent
  3. Name, telephone, and email address for a point of contact for payment (in most cases this is the instructor, however if the check is to be made out to an organization the point of contact may be a business manager or finance contact)

Please email this information to BOTH the tutorials chair and the CCGrid 2005 Finance Chair with the subject line: “CCGRID TUTORIALS HONORARIUM PAYMENT INFO”

Planning for the Unexpected

You should bring your presentation on CD and have it available for download via the Internet (you may drop your laptop going through the airport).

Specific Details for CCGrid2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Venue and Dates

Tutorials are scheduled for the first day of the conference. Details of the venue here. Instructors will receive room assignments beforehand, and should check in at the speaker preparation area at least 1 hour before their tutorials.

The exact tutorial schedule will be provided at a future time. However, a tentative guideline is provided below:

  08:30-10:00 Session I
  10:00-10:30 Break, refreshments provided
    Session I (cont.)
  12:00-13:30  Break for lunch
  13:30-15:00 Session II
  15:00-15:30 Break, refreshments provided
    Session II (cont.)


A standard PC projector will be available for connecting a laptop computer for projecting.  A lapel microphone may be available for your use.

If you have other A/V requirements, please specify them no later than 24 April 2007 by sending email to the Tutorials Chairs.  A limited number of large paper pads with markers will be available—please make sure to request these ahead of time if you expect to use them.

Examples of non-standard A/V needs: You want to use 35mm slides or transparencies. 

Labs and Demonstrations

We are unable to accommodate laboratories or demonstrations.  If your tutorial has an absolute requirement for a laboratory please contact the Tutorials Chairs to see if anything can be arranged.

Tutorial Evaluation

You will receive a set of Tutorial evaluation forms. Please encourage your participants to fill these evaluations out.  These provide invaluable feedback to you and to the CCGrid steering committee, helping all of us to continually improve the CCGrid tutorials.  Approximately one month following the conference you will receive a summary of the evaluations.  The evaluation covers the following as well as things like registration, venue and food (none of which you can control).  You may wish to self-evaluate your tutorial ahead of time as you put on your finishing touches.

Was tutorial description accurate?
Did you find the tutorial worthwhile?
Was tutorial a good value for the money?
Would you recommend this tutorial to your colleagues?

Knowledge of topic
Able to communicate ideas clearly
Stimulate interest in topic
Response to questions
Overall effectiveness of instructor

Value of material to you
Overall organization
Match of content to expectations


Structure of proposals

A template for proposals is available here. The main elements of tutorial proposals are:

  • Title
  • Presenter(s)
  • Level: Whether it is introductory, intermediate, or advanced, with percentages.
  • Duration: There will be only half-day tutorials
  • Abstract
  • Detailed description
  • Short vita of presenter(s)


Many thanks to Michael Gerndt and Timo Bretschneider for providing information on previous CCGrid Tutorials, including a draft of these instructions.

Contact Information

CCGrid 2007 Tutorials Chairs
Celso Mendes Radha Nandkumar
Phone: +1 217 244 9234 Phone: +1 217 244 0650
E-mail: E-mail:

Seventh IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid — CCGrid 2007
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil